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HEXOPOLIS: Now open for participatory art!

28 February 2015

Blog Katya Robin

Hexopolis: Your Idea Here. A sample template sheet for participants to add their ideas about hexagons and cities.

I’m showing my thoughts and interpretations of hexagons and the city at Pages | Leeds International Artists’ Book Fair, exhibition continues until 22 March. I’m also opening up my research project for crowd-sourced ideas and contributions. Join in the public participation at The Tetley, see venue website for access details. At the opening (6-9pm, Fri 6 March) there will be paper crafts, making hexagon love letters and hexaflexagons. Or you can participate via the Hexopolis...

Alternative Psychiatric Risk Assessment Form

26 February 2015

Blog Dolly Sen

Mental Health Risk Assessment for Mad People

Do you need an assessment form to ascertain risk from being in mental heath services? Do the T.I.A.R.A. (The Institution Attendence Risk Assessment)  NEGLECT: Are you at risk from neglect from services? Is there a previous history of neglect and inadequate care from services? EXPLOITATION Is there a risk of exploitation? Are they going to gain financially from your vulnerability? VIOLENCE & AGGRESSION Is there a history of violence and aggression from staff/system? Have you been...

To interupt the series on Liminality.....

25 February 2015

Blog Richard Downes

...... I went out last night with Suzanne Bull and Peter Hope and as i've already said on facebook Its a simple comment but it blew me away. We talk about isolation and loneliness and here are two people who i wouldn't normally thinks that applies to but Pete was talking to me about making friends with us all through our activism and finished by saying "and here we are twenty years on". Blimey is it so long since we changed the world. Another 20 and maybe we'll be gone but...


24 February 2015

Blog Dolly Sen

I do not have blue eyes by Dolly Sen

Suicide is selfish. Being a burden to loved ones and society is selfish. Still hurting after evidence-based treatment is selfish. Helping someone is selfish. Not helping someone is selfish. Walking by a homeless person is selfish. Giving them money is selfish. Laughing with so much pain in the world is selfish. Crying at things you cannot change is selfish. Hurting from abuse is selfish; other abused people don’t hurt as much as you. Selfish. Selfish. Selfish. Being excluded by society is...

Unlimited Celebrates A Year Of Supporting Outstanding Disabled Artists

25 February 2015


Unlimited Celebrates A Year Of Supporting Outstanding Disabled Artists

"A programme that's bucked stereotypes and packed a powerful creative punch" Bella Todd, Time Out

UNLIMITED, the £3million programme delivered by Shape and Artsadmin, has concluded its first year supporting outstanding work by disabled artists, making an unprecedented impact on the cultural sector. Here's the round up...

News: Accessing London Theatre

25 February 2015


News: Accessing London Theatre

In a joint-funded initiative, as part of the Visit Britain access project, The Society of London Theatre (SOLT) has launched a promotional video to highlight the wealth of access initiatives available across London theatre. Watch it here...

Review: Tate Britain Audio-Described Tour: Femme Fatale

29 January 2015


The Tate Britain run an ongoing series of free BSL-interpreted and Audio-described tours of work in their collections. Dao sent Stephen Portlock to review an audio-described talk on Monday 19th January by Auntie Maureen, exploring artworks in the collection in terms of the archetype of the 'Femme Fatale'. 

The Sound of Disability

30 January 2015


As part of an Arts Council funded programme of work, Dao is engaging with freelance writers to commission opinion pieces and interviews, instigating wider debate about music and disabled musicians that creates a greater understanding of where music sits with disability arts. As part of this programme of work Dao has commissioned a young disabled composer Lloyd Coleman to produce a piece of music for the British...

Interview: Gary Thomas: on being an artist

21 January 2015


Gary Thomas is a writer, director and artist with 11 short films and 4 screenplays to his name. He’s been blogging on Dao on and off since 2010. His film installation ‘The Dog & The Palace’ won an Inspire Mark from the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. He shares his successes and aspirations with Dao

Opinion: DaDaFest International 2014: The Big Debate

31 December 2014


A highlight of the DaDaFest Congress was the Big Debate. Trish Wheatley responds to the question of recognising how much influence non-disabled people should have in working within the Disability Arts sector

SenseAbility presentation: Ten Years of Dao: a potted history

17 June 2014


Dao Editor Colin Hambrook was invited to speak about Disability Arts Online at SenseAbility – an event held at the Pound Arts Centre, Corsham from 10-14 June. The festival, exploring inclusion in the arts and community, was organized by Tanvir Bush in partnership with Bath Spa University. This feature contains a transcript of his presentation

Debjani Chatterjee: A Miscellany

13 January 2015


Award-winning poet-translator, Debjani Chatterjee MBE, shares a few poems from her collections, including her latest book 'Do You Hear the Storm Sing?' (Core Publications, winter 2014). She has been called 'a rainbow spirit' (Paul Beasley) and 'a voice of rare originality' (David Morley).