Disability Arts have a broad selection of art classes available to both children and adults.  Have you ever wanted to learn how to draw or maybe create that perfect piece of sculpture?  Perhaps you are just looking for a creative outlet that also allows you to meet new people in the area, we can definitely help with that.  Our art classes are taught by experienced instructors in a warm and friendly atmosphere.  You can learn a new art and work at your own pace.  We offer everything from finger painting for children all the way to mixed media painting for adults.

Our Art Classes

Here are the classes we offer at Disability Art School:

Preschool and Kids Art Classes

These programs are available to all children from ages 4-12 and they are generally grouped by age.  We offer several classes on Saturday and Sundays as well and weekdays during the summer.  We often have special classes setup during school holidays as well.  All classes are taught by experienced educators used to working with children.

We offer basic finger painting for the littlest ones, you can bring with you and kind of white paper along with some old clothes that they can get messy, we will handle the rest.  Classes for older kids are available as well, classes can include basic drawing, ceramics, introduction to sculpting and of course painting.  The classes run for about 90 minutes and it is a great way for them to explore their creative side.

Teen Classes

The teen program is for anyone ages 12 – 18 and we offer a variety of weekly classes on Saturdays.  We also run classes during school vacations and throughout the summer.  Throughout the year there are also various intensives and workshops that your teen can attend.  Our range of classes will include painting, drawing, mixed media, sculpture, animation and photography.  Supplies needed will vary from class to class.

Adult Classes

There are a wide range of classes available for adults both during the day and evening.  We have experienced instructors ready to teach classes in the following disciplines, still life drawing, acrylic painting, oil painting, watercolors, sculpture, ceramics, print making along with mixed media.

Disability Arts is committed to providing the best fine art instruction that allows our students to explore their creativity using a variety of mediums.  Whether you want to create the next masterpiece or just want to explore your creative side, we are here to help you make this happen.

Come and check out one of our classes, you won’t regret it.